Getting More Followers is EASY!
This is all about
Instagram Automation
and Organic Growth.

Schedule Instagram Posts, Mass Follow & Unfollow, Send Instagram auto DM and Get Instagram Likes and Followers Using IGBees Instagram Bot.

IGBees Instagram Growth Services

Instagram Promotion

Automatically follow your target audience per day.

Follow only active followers and skip fake accounts.

Target followers of your competitors.

Narrow down your targets by advanced filtering.

Automatically view thousands of stories per day.

Mass unfollow super fast and easy.

Exclusive proxy app for more security.


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Instagram DM

Mass dm to all, new and custom followers.

Automatically send welcome messages.

Easily create multiple campaigns and discount offers.

Engage with your potential customers.

Create various dm templates in a moment.

Attach media to your messages.

Send up to 200 dm per day.


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Instagram Post Scheduler

Schedule weeks of your posts and automatically publish them.

Upload photos and videos from a desktop.

Schedule removal time for temporary posts.

Manage posts: add location, watermarks, …

Edit and preview before publishing.

Draft unlimited posts for weeks.

Add the first comment of your posts.


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Instagram Comment Manager

Respond to all comments in one place.

Delete inappropriate comments (words).

Manage comments on any device.

Quick access to the history of all comments.

Get an email notification for new comments.

Delete spam comments.

Prioritize your comments.


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IGBees New Feature

TikTok Automation Bot

Enjoy our new TikTok Bot and get more followers instantly.
TikTok is a famous platform and has a lot of interesting features to make your day and grow your business. IGBees TikTok automation shows your account(s) to many others and you will get surprised by the number of your new followers.

IGBees Instagram Promotion Strategy

Smart and Organic Growth

IGBees acts like bees that fly around from account to account, like and follow them. out of curiosity, they would check out your content and once they find it interesting, they will start to follow you back. that’s how easy you get organic and real followers with IGBees!

Pro Niche Targeting

Our Instagram Bot lets you aim at exact targets, those who are in your niche. You can choose your competitors’ followers, or hashtags related items. Also you can target by geolocation to target area, city or country depending on your niche.

Busy as a Bee

IGBees Instagram Bot is running over cloud servers with Free Dedicated Proxy around the world. It works nonstop 24 hours and does all your activities to get new real Instagram followers and lets you develop your Instagram page.

Advantages of IGBees Instagram Bot

Automate Everything

We believe in our bots. Just easily sign up for free and start your trial to test all services.

No Download

All you need is a web browser to access your IGBees Panel. No need to download any software.

Customer Service

Our expert support team is online 24/7 to care customers and answer them in short time.

Safe to Use

IGBees guarantees your account security by using Cloud base servers and Encrypted database.

Smart Targeting

Get more followers on your niche who love your page and enjoy your great contents.

Mobile Friendly

Full responsive panel for every screen size for better experience in PC, tablet or phone.

Soar With Bees, Easy as 1 – 2 – 3

1. Quick Sign Up

It Takes less than a Minute

Easy registration, no credit card requirement, just connect your Instagram Account and start your free  3-days trial.

2. Simple Setup

Just Tell Us What You Need

Choose your targets, add your desired filters to find great loyal followers and interacts with them 24/7.

3. Sit Back and Enjoy

Organic Growth Sweet as Honey

You’ve done your part, Just focus on quality of your contents and enjoy your fast growing on Instagram.

Join The Professional Instagrammers in Your Niche

Personal Pages

Either you are an influencer or you just want to share your lifestyle with others, you always need to grow your Instagram page. IGBees will help you on that purpose by getting more real followers and more engagement with them.

Business Accounts

Having a professional business account takes a lot of time. to have engagement with your followers and increase it, needs answering their comments, DMs, share regular good posts and stories and so on. by using IGBees you just need to focus on the good content and spend a few minutes a week to set the settings and leave the rest to us.

Achieve Your Goals on Instagram

Stop Dreaming, Start Doing

Enjoy great services with an integrated dashboard for those who want to have a fancy Instagram page. Manage all Instagram activities easily and save more time to focus on the creation of high-quality contents. Pay attention to your followers by automatic DM and comments to impress them. Compare results after 3-days trial and choose your plan. Ask your questions and get suggestions from our support team to improve your results.
Manage all your posts, comments, direct messages (DM), unfollow
Target users in your niche and auto like posts and view stories
Safe and full control over several accounts in one dashboard
Get amazed how you get new and more real followers on Instagram

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use IGBees services for my Instagram account(s)?

Yes, of course. Our bot is highly secured to connect your account(s). Additionally if you follow below instructions, we can guarantee your Insta Account safety:
1-Use a valid and accessible email address for your Instagram account.
2- Complete your profile by adding photo, bio and add at least 5 posts.
3- Make sure your contents are allowed by Instagram.
4- Do Not use several automation services. If you are using any others, turn them off for few days and then use IGBees.
5- If your followers are less than 500, we suggest to use auto liker and turn off comments and follows on targets. Turn them on few days later.
6- Use sufficient number of comments and messages using spin-tax format {**|##|&&}. Create more sensible sentences with spin-tax to have large number of auto comments and messages.
7- For those with multiple account it is recommended to use completely different username and password.
8- Link your profile to your Facebook to increase its safety.

Which activity speed should I use while using IGBees?

Our suggestion is to use SLOW activity in first month. Specially if your account followers and activity is not high enough, less than 5k followers, decrease default limits. Cause your activity in Instagram is under monitoring by Instagram and sudden increasement in your behavior is kind of issue for Instagram. So set activites in low and then after increasement in followers, likes and other activites, you can change settings to normal. Do NOT Rush! You have to slowly raise your activity settings during time to get better results without making any suspicious activites.

What are the Instagram limits and how to avoid them?

Instagram have some limits to users activities. For a normal user behavior, the number of activities are approximately about 3 per minute, 30 per hour or 150 per day. These are not exact numebrs, as they are experienced data. Newer accounts with lower followers have more limits than older accounts with more followers. You should increase your accounts activiy in reasonable rate to avoid limits. So to get rid of limits, We suggest some tips before you start using bot (if your account activity is already like these): 1- Publish 5 posts per day 2- like others about 50 times per day 3- follow around 40 accounts per day. You have to do these for two weeks to warm up your account and let instagram think you are getting more activated. After it the bot is ready to do all instead of you with more acts and better results. It is needed to be mentioned that IGBees Instagram Bot uses Artificial Intelligence, which learn your activities and do its tasks according to them.

What are the differences between free and paid post scheduler?

In Basic Instagram Post Scheduler in Instagram Bot you only can upload images and give it publish date and time. But IGBees Schedule Post let you to upload both images and videos. You can add captions, location, first comments and hashtags. Also you can set posts as temporary for commertial ones. Add watermark to posts. Also there is unlimited space to draft posts.

If I use your services, will Instagram ban my account?

Defenitely No. IGBees Platform is like your second device. It acts like a human and nobody can recognize it. we have tested our bot and did not get any reports of ban. Just take care of your contents and activity limits.

How can I add some good comments for my promotions?

You have to add many comments and direct messages to avoid temporary bans from Instagram because of spamming. Our default templates generate more than 600 unique comments using spin-tax. You can go to your comment settings and add more comments using following instruction which uses spin-tax. For example: {IGBees|Instagram Bot} is a {tool|service} which helps you to get real followers. The structure {|} is used to choose on of the words randomly to generate comments. The example results will have 4 different results like: 1. IGBees is a tool which helps you to get real followers 2. IGBees is a service which helps you to get real followers 3. Instagram bot is a service which helps you to get real followers 4. Instagram bot is a tool which helps you to get real followers. you can add more other spin-tax in many other sentences to have so many different random combinations which are possible. Our bot will select one of the all different combinations and generates it to be send as comment or message. You can also use smiles or emojis using spintax to make messages more sensible.

Why do I need a proxy to be use on my account?

Instagram have limits for single IP address and also our servers are around the world. We offer free dedicated proxy for users which is a connetion between our servers and Instagram. Proxy IP changes over time to get rid of limits and still is in your area range. It also keeps everything safe. We provide it for free in our own servers to enhance productivity and keep you satisfied and assured, to have better experience using our system.

Why IGBees requires my Instagram password?

IGBees Instagram bot would be your second device. So it needs your password to log in to it. So it needs your Instagram username and password. Be sure that your account password is fully safe in encrypted database over cloud servers and no one can access it.

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