About Us

Our goal is to provide a way to make your Instagram marketing a lot easier and faster with the help of IGBees Instagram services.

Follower Matters

If we want to give an example comparing Instagram to the real world, we can say having followers in Instagram has the same value to having money in real world. Most people want to be rich, but not everyone can do it! You ask why? Well, easy, because finding the right way to achieve it can be very challenging.

Why Using IGBees?

In IGBees, we represent a way that not only you can find a lot of followers, but also it could lead you to earn a lot of money in the real world.
Maybe you have seen the difficulty of getting more followers on Instagram and you know this is just the first step, Because an unhappy follower may easily slip away like a fish.
Followers expect you to appreciate them by creating excellent and regular content, responding to their comments and make a bound to them with direct messages. All of these are necessary for having loyal followers, but doesn’t it all take a lot of time from you?

Our Story

Maybe doing all daily Instagram activities be possible by having a normal Instagram page but when you want to have plenty of followers, or a business Instagram page or even when you have a lot of Instagram accounts, this will be a lot more complicated. So now this question arises that how does Instagram influencers or instagrammers who have thousands of followers manage their page? Do they all have a high cost support team to manage their pages? This was a problem which happened to us too and the result of our efforts for solving it, is IGBees Instagram automation service.

Our Mission

Our long-term analysis of professional marketer’s behavior led us to simulate their actions and with the help of artificial intelligence, we were able to even get a better result than them. Now in IGBees you have a tool that works the same as a professional and inexhaustible team with the highest privacy and security, 24/7 and will approach you to your dream page every day with the lowest costs. You just need to produce good content and leave the rest to IGBees.

Years of Experience


Having social media management background has helped us to understand that on-time supporting users and keeping the privacy of them in a completely safe place, is the most important thing in this business for us and is the basis of our job. 

Get in Touch

This is not the end for us. IGBees team will keep trying to optimize its services and by presenting regular updates will ease your mind. We are always willing to hear our users’ opinions to eliminate our flaws and improve our services.

It’s time to enjoy IGBees!