Auto DM on Instagram

Manage and Automate all your Instagram Direct Messages.

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The Perfect Tool For Instagram Marketing and Engagement

Access to all your Instagram DMs on PC like a messenger and automatically send direct messages to your followers or non-followers.

Welcome Newcomers

Create a great first impression and appreciate your new followers for following you and engage with them from the day one.

Start Campaigns

Make your campaigns viral in only few minutes by sending personalized DM to your targeted audience.

Offer Discounts

Increase your sale by sending special offers to all of your followers effortlessly. 

Engage with Customers

Keep in touch with your customers and make them feel special to achieve better engagement.

Many Features To Enrich Your Instagram DMs

Bulk DM

Send Bulk Instagram DMs in one easy step and get better resaults.

Insta DM on Any Device

Send Instagram DM from desktop or mobile like a messanger.

Detailed Filtering

Use various filters to send DMs to our preferred accounts.

Add Media

Attach pictures, videos, posts, stories or clickable links in your DM.

Be surprised how IGBees Instagram DM tool makes your Instagram life easier by starting your free trial. 

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