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How IGBees TikTok Bot will help you get famous?

IGBees TikTok bot drive more attention to your account and you will get lots of fans in less time.



When you like or follow someone, you will notice they usually came back to do the same.

Automation Time

There isn’t enough time to spend the whole day liking and following other people, let’s automate this process.

Like a Human Being

IGBees will automate liking and following just like a human being would.

Reach Your Targets And Capture Their Attention

Target Hashtags

Engage with the accounts that have used or liked your niche hashtags.

Target Accounts

Target accounts who most probably are interested in your shared content.

Get Real TikTok Followers and Likes

Use the best TikTok bot to increase the engagement of your page without any effort, just focus on your content quality and enjoy your organic growth.

IGBees TikTok Bot Main Services

Ultimate automation with the highest engagement rate

Smart Targeting

Grow your reach to the more personalized audience, an effective way to drive viral user and social engagement with the right followers.


Maximum Activity

Imagine you are active on TikTok 24/7, a simple solution to make your account to one of the most active users on TikTok.


Automate Everything

Automate follow, like, comment and even Unfollow, with this feature you can spend your extra time creating more quality content and upgrading your account level.

Suitable Filter

You need more followers, right? but not any followers! our advanced filters will help you find the exact followers that you wish for.


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